Clubhouse Edition Help

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Getting started

Before you can start using How Many Strokes in your golf club, you need to set up a few things:

  1. Add a club logo to the front page

  2. Select the correct club to use

  3. Verify your club's courses, tees, length, slope and rating

  4. Select you you use  meters or yards

If you want to print the help page, open a browser on your computer and go to:

Add a club logo to the front page

In the top right corner of the front page, you will find a placeholder for the logo.


  1. Click on the placeholder

Write to us with the name and location of the course.

We will then add it as quickly as possible. Click here to contact us.

The App does not find my golf course automatically

The App might not have permission to use your built-in GPS. Go to setting and permission and allow the App to use GPS


Do you have any ideas or suggestions to how we can improve "How Many Strokes" then feel free to send us an e-mail or use the contact form.

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