Clubhouse Edition

How do you present your conversion tables?

Get rid of the paper version of your golf club’s Handicap table. 
No more struggles with manual calculations and printing on paper.

With How Many Strokes your golf club will be able to make changes to the Handicap table electronically and on the fly. 

Give your members and guests a unique experience​

Make your reception look amazing

Does your Pro shop look like this:?

With How Many Strokes it look like this:

The old paper version

21 inch wall mount touchscreen

Free up space and time

Save money, time and space by replacing your printed Handicap table with a single display.

With the How Many Strokes system you will get a modern interior that looks amazing and appealing to your members and guests.

Great for promotions

When players are not using the system, your club can have customized ads, promotion or pictures running on the screen.

How Many Strokes can run ads and promotion when your members or guests are not using the system.

Fully automated

When Slope, Course rating or Course length are changed, input the new values in the system and all calculations are done automatically

Watch demo

Easy to use


Your members and guests just type their handicap and select the course they want to play and the display will only show relevant information for the player

Watch a quick introduction

Find the right solution for your golf club

Desk display

10 inch touch display

The integrated 10 inch wall mount touch display is ideal to place on the reception desk or discreet on free wall space.


10 inch

Wall mount

21 inch touch screen

The 21 inch wall mount touch display is ideal to place  on free wall space and also provide display for promotions and ads.


21 Inch


21,5 inch touch screen

The integrated freestanding touch display with magazine holder is ideal to place next to the reception desk or in any open space.


21,5 inch

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