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The Digital Conversion Table Software Edition allows members and guests to quickly obtain their player handicap in less than 3 seconds, and they can see all their handicap options in one view.

The solution allows you to get the conversion table via a QR-code that can be shown on stickers, metal plates, scorecards, course guides etc. The QR-code can be anywhere at the club like on the 1st tee. You can also embed the handicap calculator on your website, this is done very easily.

The solution eradicates the need for framed conversion tables mounted on the wall or laying around the reception area or big boards at the first tee. No more struggles with manual calculations and printing on paper. With How Many Strokes your golf club will be able to make changes to the Handicap table electronically and on the fly.


Sign up Software Edition

The sign up includes uploading and updating club data, introduction presentation to the system.

Sign up is included in the price.


Software subscription

The software subscription includes the QR-code graphic file, Website version handicap calculator, access to the user portal, one screen saver, software maintenance, free support and much more.

First year software is included in the price.

After year one software pricing yearly is: EUR 690


Guide: QR code Conversion table

Simply place the QR code on any object at the first tee or anywhere else at club.

The players can then scan the code using their smartphone.

They will get the full table on their own screen and can decide what tee box they want to play.

The QR code is provided as a graphical file that can be engraved or printed on almost anything.

You can place the QR codes on Stickers, Scorecards and Course guides, decorative stones, tee markers, metal plates, that you can mount on walls and posts, or almost any other suitable surface you can think of.


Guide: Get the Conversion table on your website

Embed the handicap calculator on the club’s website. It is very easy to do.

This will allow your guests to plan and see their player handicap before they come to the course.

The embedded version is using the same data as the rest of the solution and will be updated at the same time as the QR code and Terminal.


QR-code stickers

We can provide high quality QR-code stickers, that can be use both indoor and outdoor. See product and pricing her:


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