Course Slope/Rating

In Course Slope/Rating you can set up and create new courses. Besides basic information about the course it is here that you enter and maintain all data on the individual courses.


Overview basic course information:

  1. If you have more that one course, you can select the course here
  2. The Par value of the course is used for validation when creating the par values on the course
  3. These prices for a guest round and will show in the mobile App
  4. Pace of play is used in the digital score card and will inform the players in real-time if they are slow or on time
  5. “Show tee color in Terminal an App” will allow you to show are hide the color bars next to the tee names
  6. Check “Verify all when you are sure that all information a correct. This will indicate for mobile user that all your course data is up-to-date
  7. Save you changes when you are done

When creating a new course you will have the option to copy an existing course. This is handy if you want to create a dataset for reduced handicap (85%, 95% hcp)

(Editing course data like Slope and Rating continues after this section)


Overview course data:

  1. The tee name are set here. Any name can be set
  2. Choose if tee should be hidden. If for instance you club has winter tees, it can be hidden during the summer and showing during the winter
  3. Set the color for the tee. This will show on the Terminal screen and the mobile version. There are a set of predefined colors, but custom colors can be set by using a HEX code. A list of additional colors can be found here: List of HEX color codes
  4. If “show forced carry is turned on in Settings, ” these values will be show besides each tee. (“Forced carry” is the max length from the tee box for each tee to carry an obstacle)
  5. Slope, Rating and Par for men on each tee box are set here
  6. Slope, Rating and Par for women on each tee box are set here
  7. Delete a tee. This is permanent. Consider hiding it if you might want to use it in the future
  8. Sort the order of the tee boxes by dragging it to the right location
  9. If you want to add the calculation for a reduced handicap the %-value is set here. The easiest way to do this is to copy the course, set the “Use reduced handicap” and select a %-value (95% for example)
  10. Par for each hole. This can be different values for men and women. The total is calculated automatically
  11. Handicap index for each hole. This can be different values for men and women
  12. The totals are calculated automatically and will turn red if there is an error
  13. Length per hole and the total length for the course for each tee box
  14. “Different par for tee” allow you to have different par and hcp index for each tee box
  15. “Add new tee” will create a new tee. There are no limit for the number of tee boxes, except that it has to fit on the Terminal screen and the mobile App
  16. Save your changes before you leave. Also check “”Verify all” when you are sure that everything is correct.

There is a data report in Settings->Data Report where you can save or print a complete dataset of you setup