Handicap allowance

Handicap Allowance calculator

Handicap allowances are created to ensure fairness across various formats of play, whether for 9 or 18 holes. These allowances are applied to the unrounded Course Handicap as the last step in determining a player’s Playing Handicap.

Select "Handicap allowance" in addition to the normal Course Handicap

When the Handicap allowance feature is enabled on the How Many Strokes Terminal, players will have an enhanced experience. In addition to calculating their usual Course Handicap, they will now have the option to use the Handicap allowance calculator. This added functionality allows players to more accurately determine their Playing Handicap by incorporating the appropriate allowances, ensuring a fair and balanced game across various formats of play. The new option provides a seamless and comprehensive way to manage handicaps, enhancing the overall user experience and promoting equity in the game.

Playing Handicap Allowances Table

To find the mandatory handicap allowances for all competition formats, select the playing format. This table includes the following competitions and their respective allowances:

  • Individual: 95%
  • Individual Stableford: 95%
  • Individual Par/Bogey: 95%
  • Individual Maximum Score: 95%
  • Fourball: 85%
  • Fourball Stableford: 85%
  • Fourball Par/Bogey: 90%
  • Foursomes: 50% of combined team handicap
  • Greensomes: 60% low handicap + 40% high handicap
  • Pinehurst/Chapman: 60% low hcp + 40% high hcp
  • Best 1 of 4 Stroke Play: 75%
  • Best 2 of 4 Stroke Play: 85%
  • Best 3 of 4 Stroke Play: 100%
  • All 4 of 4 Stroke Play: 100%
  • Scramble (4 players):
    25%/20%/15%/10% from lowest to highest hcp
  • Scramble (2 players): 35% low/15% high
  • Total score of 2 match play: 100%
  • Best 1 of 4 Par/Bogey: 75%
  • Best 2 of 4 Par/Bogey: 80%
  • Best 3 of 4 Par/Bogey: 90%
  • All 4 of 4 Par/Bogey: 100%

Options, mixed tee events and adjustments

After selecting the desired playing format from the Handicap Allowances Table, each player's handicap is entered into the system. This process is straightforward and ensures that all relevant data is accurately recorded. Depending on the chosen format and whether it is a mixed tee event with different pars for each tee, the option to select "Tee for Scoring" becomes available. This feature allows each player to select their individual tee and specify their gender, accommodating a wide range of participants and ensuring that everyone can play from the tee that best suits their abilities.

In mixed tee events, this customization is particularly important. It allows for a fair competition by letting each player select a tee that matches their skill level and preferences. For certain formats, an additional adjustment is made to account for differences in par between the tees. This adjustment ensures that the competition remains equitable, regardless of the variations in course layout and difficulty.

The system is designed to handle these adjustments seamlessly, providing players with an accurate Playing Handicap that reflects the specific conditions of the event. By considering factors such as tee selection and par differences, the system enhances the fairness and enjoyment of the game, allowing all participants to compete on a level playing field.

Handicap Allowances result

Get your Playing Handicap and go play

Once all player information and course options have been entered into the system, the results will be displayed on the "How Many Strokes" screen. This process is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, ensuring that you can quickly and easily determine your Playing Handicap.

The "How Many Strokes" screen provides a clear and concise summary of your Playing Handicap, taking into account all the variables and adjustments specific to your selected format and course conditions. This includes any handicap allowances, tee selections, and par adjustments that may be necessary for mixed tee events.

The players can always see a more detailed overview:
Handicap Allowances Detailed calculation

In summary, the process of calculating and adjusting your Playing Handicap is designed for accuracy and fairness, ensuring an enjoyable golfing experience. It begins with selecting the appropriate format from the Handicap Allowances Table, which outlines specific percentages and rules for various competitions such as Individual, Fourball, Foursomes, Greensomes, and Scramble.

Next, player information is entered into the system. This includes handicaps, and for mixed tee events, individual tee selections and gender specifications. Adjustments are made to account for differences in par between tees, ensuring equity across diverse playing conditions.

Once all details are inputted, the results are displayed on the "How Many Strokes" screen. This user-friendly interface provides a clear and concise summary of each player's Playing Handicap, incorporating all necessary allowances and adjustments.

With this comprehensive and straightforward process, players can confidently proceed to their game, knowing their Playing Handicap has been accurately determined. This allows for a fair competition, letting golfers focus on enjoying their round.

Update app

Course Update App for iPhone and Android

Course Update App for daily updates and communication with the players

The Course Update App is an essential tool for any golf club looking to improve communication and provide daily updates to players. As a golf club, you have a lot of daily information to share with your players, and the Course Update App has the functionality to make this process as seamless and efficient as possible.

Today’s Green speed – Stimpmeter

One of the key features of the app is the Stimpmeter, which allows your staff to efficiently and accurately update the green speed by inputting the measurement into the app. This feature is incredibly beneficial for both golfers and staff, as it allows golfers to check the current green speed easily and allows staff to quickly and effortlessly publish the green speed after it has been measured.

Today’s Course

Another essential feature of the app is the ability to announce today’s course. If your club has multiple courses or you are combining multiple 9-hole courses, it’s essential to be able to quickly announce what course is being played on a given day. With the Greenkeeper App, you can select today’s course from a list, and it will be shown on the How Many Strokes Screen.

UV Index And Lightning Warning

Today’s Pin Position

In addition, the app also allows you to show today’s Pin Position. This feature is just as simple to use as announcing today’s course, select the proper Pin Position and click update in the App, and it will show on the How Many Strokes Screen together with all the other information that you have chosen.

The Greenkeeper App

The Greenkeeper App is also personalized for each Greenkeeper or staff member, so each person can easily track updates and keep records of all information changes. The app maintains a log of the updates made, including the specific information that was changed, the date and time of the update, and the individual who made the update. This feature streamlines the process of updating green speed information and ensures that golfers have access to the most current and accurate information.

In conclusion, the Greenkeeper App is an essential tool for any golf club looking to improve communication and provide daily updates to players. With the app’s functionality to update green speed, announce today’s course, and show today’s pin position, it streamlines the process of updating information. It ensures that players have access to the most current and accurate data. With personalized log functionality for each staff member, you can easily track updates and keep records of all information changes. Try the Greenkeeper App today and see the difference it can make for your golf club.

Add a new user to "Update App"

New users can be seamlessly integrated into the Update App through the How Many Strokes Management Portal. The process is designed to be straightforward and efficient, ensuring that adding new users is quick and hassle-free.

To begin, access the How Many Strokes Management Portal and navigate to the section for adding new users. Here, you will find a user-friendly interface where you can input the necessary details. Start by entering the new user's name and email address into the provided fields. This ensures that the invitation is personalized and directed to the correct recipient.
Update App Add user

Once you have entered the required information, simply click on the "Send Invite" button. This action triggers an autom

ated process that sends an email invitation to the new user. The email they receive contains detailed instructions on how to proceed with installing and using the Update App.

The instructions in the email guide the new user through each step of the installation process, ensuring that even those who are not tech-savvy can easily follow along. It covers downloading the app, installing it on their device, and setting up their account. Additionally, the email provides helpful tips on how to navigate and make the most of the app’s features.

By streamlining the process of adding new users, the How Many Strokes Management Portal enhances user management and ensures that new members can quickly and easily get started with the Update App. This efficient system supports a smooth transition for new users, allowing them to integrate seamlessly and begin using the app's functionalities without delay.

Test Wifi Speed

Test the internet connection on your Terminal screen

If you see that updates a taking a long time to show on the screen it might be because of a slow internet connection. You can test the WIFI (or cable) speed directly in the Terminal by tapping five times on the WIFI symbol in the top left corner. This will show the debug menu and allow you to test the internet speed by clicking on "Test Speed". When done, click on "Hide Debug"  

Hide or show specific courses in the Green Speed / Stimpmeter info box

In case you only want to display the green speed for one cause you can now hide the speed for the courses that you don't want to show. This could be if you have additional courses for handicap allowance (85%, 95% etc.) and only want to show the green speed for the main course. Hide or show specific courses in the Green Speed / Stimpmeter info box. In case your club only has one course, the course name will not be displayed. To Hide or show specific courses in the Green Speed / Stimpmeter info box go to "Today's course update"  

Customize logos, texts, and button on screensaver

All text logos, texts, and button is now an overlay and will allow you to upload new background picture without having to add anything on the picture. You can even add a sponsor logo on the screen if you want to promote your sponsors. In Terminal settings the basic setup are done the first time the Terminal screen is put up. Typically this is already configured by the delivery team at How Many Strokes. You can change the text and layout if you need. Read more about how this is done in "Terminal Settings" Remember that you can use the “Preview Terminal” if you want to see your changes without going to the physical Terminal screen. If you have questions or need help, contact us at info@howmanystrokes.com

Easy preview Terminal screen

To make it easy for you to see you changes when updating in the management system, you can just click on the previews buttons to see what you screen looks like live. The preview can be presented in both Portrait or landscape mode and is available everywhere in the management system. Note that just above the preview button there is a link to "What's new in this version". This will allow you to revisit the news overview.

Schedule Pin position, today’s course, opening hours and much more in the new calandar

Today’s course update is the info boxes on the screen. Here you can show the daily course information. For example Stimpmeter, Today’s course, Pin Position, Clubhouse hours and much more. The information can be changes in the Management system, the mobile course update App or scheduled in the built-in calendar.

Calendar overview:

Much of the information that you want to show in the info boxes are planned ahead. Today’s course, Pin position, Clubhouse open hours etc. can be scheduled in the calendar for a period or the whole year if needed.
  1. When you open the calendar (click on calendar in “Today’s course update”) you can drag your selections to specific dates
  2. If the same selection should show over several days, you can drag the selection by clicking on the end of the selection
  3. In some cases you could need to have different values for example on “Clubhouse Open”, Phone number to Marshal (if you have more that on and they work on different days), Time reserved for 2-balls etc. In that case you just add the text that you want to show in the info box.
  4. Select if you want to work per month or per year
  5. Switch to next month
  6. Go back to today
  7. When you are done click on “Save and close”

Help on all menus in the Management System

To improve our user friendly management system we have added help to all pages in the system. If you want to know more about how to do specific things or set-up new functionality just click the "HELP" button at the top of the page. You can see an overview of the help index here. This overview is also available in he management system. If you have questions or need help setting up new things, you are always welcome to contact us at info@howmanystrokes.com
UV Index And Lightning Warning

UV Index and Lightning warning

UV Index and Lightning warning has been added to the weather update. It will help golfers prepare for extreme conditions. The UV Index will warn the players about dangerous UX levels and is a good chance for the shop to sell some extra sun screen. The warning box only shows when there is any danger. The Ultraviolet (UV) Index is a measure used internationally to quantify the strength of ultraviolet radiation from the sun at a specific location and time. The higher the UV Index value, the greater the potential for damage to the skin and eyes, and thus the greater the need for protection. The warning level is 5 or above.