Is your Terminal connected to the internet

Is your Terminal connected to the internet?

Your How Many Strokes Terminal will work fine without an internet connection. Everything you need to run the Terminal is saved locally on the device. This includes Course and Tee data, but also screen saver images and videos. If the is no internet it will not be possible to update the Terminal with added information. We recommend that the Terminal is always connected to the internet with WIFI or a Network cable. If you are using Power Over Internet (POE) to power the Terminal, the internet connection is automatically delivered through the cabling (provided that the POE is connected to a router or switch on the other end)
You Can Now Show And Hide Selected Tees And Courses

You can now show and hide selected Tees and Courses

In some situations, it is nice to be able to hide some of the Tee options or even a course. It could be that the course is undergoing maintenance or renovation for a longer period, or if you have season-based tee option, like winter and summer tees. You just click on the "Show/Hide" button next to the tee or course name to show or hide the option.