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Errors in the printed conversion table ?

Discover the Importance of Accurate Conversion Tables for Your Golf Course Did you know that one in five golf courses have at least one error in their printed Conversion Table? This startling statistic highlights the need for accurate and up-to-date information when it comes to golf course data. At How Many Strokes, we understand the importance of providing reliable and precise information to our customers. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that our customers have access to the most accurate and reliable Conversion Tables possible. However, we understand that errors can sometimes occur, and we are committed to helping our customers identify and rectify these issues quickly and easily. Every week, we receive calls and emails from customers who have discovered inconsistencies between the How Many Strokes Conversion Table and their old printed Conversion Table or board. These errors can be difficult to track down and may remain unnoticed for extended periods of time, potentially causing confusion and frustration for golfers. To address this issue, the How Many Strokes Management System now offers a control report that enables our customers to check their course data for accuracy. This powerful tool allows golf course managers to quickly and easily identify any discrepancies in their Conversion Table, ensuring that golfers receive accurate and consistent information. At How Many Strokes, we understand that accurate and reliable data is critical for golf courses of all sizes. That's why we are committed to providing our customers with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information possible. Whether you're a small, family-owned course or a large, multi-course resort, you can rely on us to provide the data and tools you need to succeed. Don't let errors in your Conversion Table impact your golfers' experience. Contact us today to learn more about our Management System and how it can help you ensure accuracy and consistency in your course data.
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Introducing the News Box: Instant Communication for Golfers

Introducing the How Many Strokes News Box: Instant Communication for Golfers Want to keep your players informed with timely updates? Look no further than the How Many Strokes News Box, your quick and easy solution for sharing daily information with golfers. Customize the News Box to your liking by selecting the color and size, and position it anywhere on the screen for maximum visibility. With the text editor in the Management system, crafting and designing messages to share with players has never been easier. The possibilities for communication are endless. Share company announcements, updates on course maintenance, reminders about upcoming events, special offers for members, or anything else that comes to mind. The News Box makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop. How Many Strokes News Box Editor With the live preview in the editor, you can see exactly how your News Box will look on the How Many Strokes Terminal without needing to check the physical screen. Once you're satisfied with your message, simply hit "Save" and watch as the Terminal is updated instantly. Say goodbye to outdated communication methods and say hello to the How Many Strokes News Box, your new go-to for instant updates and announcements.  
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Get a Data Report on all your Course Settings

How Many strokes Data report Slope Rating and settings Smørum Golf ClubIn the How Many Strokes Management System you can now get a Data Report on all important your Course Settings. The report is extremely useful if you want to verify you course setting including Tee length, Par, Slope and Rating. It happens more often that you would think that we see errors in the printed conversion table that most clubs have. Most of the time this is due too human error when the Slope Rating Sheets are created. And in most cases, nobody will find the error. With the Data Report you can always verify if you Course Handicap is calculated correctly. Log in to the How Many Strokes Management system and see your Data Report. The report can be downloaded or printed.