Green info buttons

The green info buttons will allow you to link external links, document and pictures to the terminal screen.

You can always contact support by e-mail at: or call us at +45 7239 1000 if you need help


  1. Create a new green button
  2. Name the button. This is what the player will see
  3. Choose what the button should do (6, 7, 8 shows the options)
  4. Link or upload to the target. If files are uploaded, the Management system will host the file.
  5. Set how long the information should stay on the screen in seconds. The small timer on the terminal screen will indicate to the user how long before it will return to the main screen
  6. Select “Website Or External Image” if you want to link to URL. Ex.
  7. Select “Upload File” if you want to upload a JPG, PNG picture or PDF.
  8. Select “Return To Conversion Table” will create a button that activate the conversion table
  9. Players can scan the QR code that will then show the information on the screen on their phone for then to take with them
  10. On the Terminal screen the players can click on “Click here to go back” and return to the main screen

All buttons can be hidden if you want to remove them temporarily from the Terminal screen