Mobile QR code and Web embed

Mobile QR code is for Web embed and graphic QR code settings. You don’t have to set anything up on this page, but it contains all the element you need to make it accessible on our website and as QR code to put anywhere in your club.

How Many Strokes on QR On Pole

The different files and links are:

  1. A direct link to handicap calculator
  2. Code for embedding the Calculator on your website. Give this to you web designer and they will know what to do
  3. A visual representation of the QR code for your course. Point your phones camera to the code and click the link that pops up
  4. Click her to download the QR code as a graphical file. The QR can be printed or engraved on many surfaces and objects
  5. The Handicap Calculator as it will appear on the players phone and on your website

For web designer on how to set up the code on your website: Embed Conversion Table on your Website – How Many Strokes


Examples on how to use the embed and QR code: