My QR Code Links

My QR Code Links is a built-in QR code system were you can create you own QR code easily and connect to your website, pictures and other online information.

You can select one of the QR codes to be displayed on the Terminal Screen for easy access to your members and guests.



  1. Create a new QR code
  2. Type a description for the QR code for identification
  3. Select if you want to link to e website or a file/picture
  4. Type the URL you want to link to. If you link to a file/picture you can upload it directly to the Management System. We will store you file and make it available for you online
  5. Direct link to the URL or file. Can be used on you website or newsletter. Click the document icon to cope the URL
  6. Download the the QR code as a graphical file and use it for print on paper, sticker, metal plates, scorecards etc.
  7. Replace the QR code on the Terminal screen with this QR code
  8. Type a headline and description that explain what it is for
  9. Save the changes before you leave the page

If you have a long and complex existing QR code that you want to make simple, you simply drop the graphics file of the QR code on to of the exiting QR code