Screensavers is were you upload your background for the Terminal screen.

The file format can be PGN, JPG, JPEG, MP4 and GIF. to ensure that the scaling of the picture is perfect follow the design guide.

The screen savers can be formatted with text and logos, or it can be a clean image. When setting a clean image, all text, buttons, logos etc. is created as an overlay in Settings->Terminal Settings->Screensaver overlay



  1. After creating a new screensaver file you can upload one or more files in “upload images”. See the “Design Guide” (6) to understand how to create a perfect picture
  2. Make sure that the “Show Image” is set to show the background
  3. In some cases you want to hide the overlay (Info boxes, Green info buttons, logos etc.) on a background. It could be a sponsor ad or similar.
  4. Set how long the back screensavers should show. If you only have one screensaver it will stay on all the time. When uploading a video, the length of the video is automatically set.
  5. If you want to delete a screensaver click on the “trash” icon
  6. Check the design guide before you make a new screensaver to ensure that the format is correct.
  7. Remember so save your changes before you leave
  8. When you have saved, you can always se a preview of the live Terminal screen on you computer