Today’s course update

Today’s course update is the info boxes on the screen. Here you can show the daily course information. For example Stimpmeter, Today’s course, Pin Position, Clubhouse hours and much more.

The information can be changes in the Management system, the mobile course update App or scheduled in the built-in calendar.


  1. If the info box is set up to be scheduled in the calendar, there will be a link to the calendar net to the info box headline
  2. Info boxes that are not set to schedule in the calendar can be edited directly in the management system
  3. Hide or show specific courses in the Green Speed / Stimpmeter info box. In case your club only has one course, the course name will not be displayed
  4. YES/NO info boxes will be shown a toggle both in the management system and the mobile course update App
  5. Save the changes when you are done editing

Calendar overview:

Much of the information that you want to show in the info boxes are planned ahead. Today’s course, Pin position, Clubhouse open hours etc. can be scheduled in the calendar for a period or the whole year if needed.

  1. When you open the calendar (click on calendar in “Today’s course update”) you can drag your selections to specific dates
  2. If the same selection should show over several days, you can drag the selection by clicking on the end of the selection
  3. In some cases you could need to have different values for example on “Clubhouse Open”, Phone number to Marshal (if you have more that on and they work on different days), Time reserved for 2-balls etc. In that case you just add the text that you want to show in the info box.
  4. Select if you want to work per month or per year
  5. Switch to next month
  6. Go back to today
  7. When you are done click on “Save and close”