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Top-5 Benefits for your club

The How Many Strokes Digital Conversion Table is based on the World Handicap System. Since 2019 we have helped golf clubs make the conversion table digital. The solution can be shown on a big touch screen at the clubhouse, a QR code at the 1st tee and on the club website.
Below we have gathered some of the benefits of the solution.

1. Great user experience – impress your members and guests

” When people enter the club, they always ask for the conversion tables. When shown the screen, their reaction is, “that’s very ingenious”, and they easily manage the system.”

Hans Lavrids Knudsen,
Golf Manager Lübker Golf & Spa Resort

The Digital Conversion Table is a solution that can be used by both members and guests. The solution is easy to use for all ages, and players are always impressed after using the solution.

2. Modern solution that looks great

“We had a traditional presentation with ten framed tables on the wall. But I prefer How Many Strokes. In a way, it is exactly the same service we provide for our guests and members. But now, it is provided in a contemporary way. It is much cooler and more modern.”

David Shepherd,
CEO The Scandinavian Golf Club

The Digital Conversion Table is the modern solution that saves space and paper while creating a better experience for the players.

3. One view of all your conversion tables

“With all the conversion tables in one view, we noticed that the players are much more likely to play from different tee boxes. We especially notice that men are willing to try playing from shorter tees because they can easily see how many strokes they have from each tee box. It speeds up the game, and they have new and fun challenges at our club.”

Keld Østergaard
CEO Smørum Golf Club

The solution can help speed up the game and leave more time for members to enjoy lunch and dinner at the club. It also makes it easier for players to try different tee-boxes, thereby creating new challenges on the course and adding more great experiences.

4. Free up resources for your staff

“Another benefit is that we actually already notice that the system frees up resources for our staff.”

Hans Lavrids Knudsen,
Golf Manager Lübker Golf & Spa Resort

Your players will find the solution amazingly easy to use. The staff point to the conversion table, and the players take care of the rest. The information in the system is straightforward to update, and your changes happen immediately on the conversion table on both the Terminal, website and QR code. Players can bring the conversion table along on their phones.

5. Can create revenue for the club through sponsors and ads

“It is a very nice win-win. The club gets a new and very modern digital way of showing the conversion tables to members and guests. And we can promote one of our sponsors, which in itself is of great value to us,”

Hans Lavrids Knudsen,
Golf Manager Lübker Golf & Spa Resort

Many clubs finance or even make money on the solution by showing sponsors or ads on the screen saver when no one is using the Terminal. You can also showcase a nice picture from the course or show messages to the players such as pictures, videos, or text.

How do you learn more?

“The feedback from the users has been great, and we can highly recommend the How Many Strokes solution to other clubs who wish for a modern conversion table.”

Keld Østergaard
CEO Smørum Golf Club

For more benefits, look around our website or book a demonstration with us