Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Player Handicap is calculated based on Slope, Course Rating, and Par respectively for women and men.

When the Player has entered their Handicap on the touch screen they can see their extra strokes for each tee box.

The Digital HCP Conversion Table can be integrated into your Clubs website.
Check out this demo version. Type your Handicap and see the result in the Web Conversion Table

Try here

Website example

Embedded Calculator

Book a demonstration with us if you want to learn more about the solution

The system is hosted on fast and highly available data centres in Europe and the US to ensure 24/7 uptime. The Terminal solution does not require an internet connection to run. If your Golf Club uses the embedded Conversion Table on your Website or the QR for players to use on their Smartphones, the service is dependent on our servers.
You can check our real-time availability here: System Status

When you get the solution, you will be able to log into the Web Portal and change your Course or Courses with new Slope, Course Rating, and Par values. If you manage more than one Golf Club, they will all be available for you from the Web Portal.

Sometimes your players decide what tee box to play when they are standing on the first tee. You can use the unique QR-code system that is included in the solution.

Your QR-code can be displayed on almost anything on your Golf Course:
• Stickers • Metal or plastic plates • Stones and rocks • On top of tee markers• Scorecards • Course guides.

You can try to scan this code with your Smartphones' camera and see how it works. 
(If you are viewing this on your phone you can just click this link: Open Conversion Table)