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App is available for Android and iPhone. 

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What is How Many Strokes

It simply gives you and your golf buddies all player handicaps on all tee boxes

Have you ever forgotten to check the Handicap Table in the Club House before starting your Golf round?

Now you can do just that – fast and easy on the Course or from your home before you go.

Just type in the Handicap for you and your Golf Buddies and you will immediately see How Many Strokes each of you have on each Tee Box.

You might even gain a legal advantage from moving to a different Tee Box.

How Many Strokes works without an Internet connection, as all Clubs and tee boxes are already in the App.

Features of How Many Strokes:

  • Calculate your Player Handicap on a specific Golf Course – even before you get to the Course.
  • Information on the Golf Club that you are visiting. Address, Phone number, is there a Driving Range, Restaurant, Locker and more.
  • Choose Player Handicap for both women and men.
  • Decide your Tee box on the first Tee without having to check the Handicap Table in the Club House.
  • Find the nearest Golf Course with the built-in map
  • Plan your Golf trip by finding Golf courses in the area you visit

Get your player handicap on the tee box

No more running back to the clubhouse to check your player handicap

10 Seconds

Enter your handicap and get the number of extra strokes you have from all tee boxes

30.000 clubs

All European golf clubs are preloaded in the App. The rest of the world is right now being added and are coming soon

Works off-line

All golf clubs are right there on your phone – no need for internet or WIFI

Need info on the golf club?

Golf Course Map

Find the nearest golf club

The App will always show the golf club you are playing. If you are not at a golf club, the nearest club will show up in a list. This is nice if you are planning a trip.


Plan before you go

If you want to check another club, even from home, you can search, and all information on the golf club is in your hand before you go.

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Updates to golf courses

Slope and course rating

With over 150.000 tee boxes in the App, we have to constantly update the database.

This is done by our team and by contributions from users all over the world. If you find missing courses, slopes and course ratings in the App, you can add them very easy.

The data are then shared in the App with other users who visit the same golf course. If you can’t find the information anywhere, you are more than welcome to request the golf course or tee information from us directly by using the feedback form.

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