Power the Terminal with a long cable

In some cases, for decorative or practical reasons, there is no room for the power supply near the Terminal. Most Golf Clubs would like to have the power supply hidden away – it is obviously not the most beautiful thing in the world.
If this is not possible or if there is too far from the nearest power outlet. The solution is to use a Power Over Ethernet (POE) device. A POE device is a power supply that can provide power to the Terminal through a normal network cable. The cable can be from 1 to 50 meters/55 yards long and will give you the option to hide the power supply far from the Terminal.
Maybe your existing network cabling already supports POE, and you can simply plug it into the network connection in the wall.

In case you use the POE option, the connection to the internet can also be provided through the cable and you don’t need a WIFI connection.

The Power over Ethernet device can be bought separately and can be connected to the Terminal after the installation

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