Watch the How Many Strokes Sponsor video

Sponsor on the Screen – Video

You can engage with a sponsor to run product promotions and branding ads. Logo, posters, and videos. They can be changed as often as needed.

See a show video about it here:

As a sponsor at a Golf Club, you have the unique opportunity to reach a highly engaged and affluent audience through product promotions and branding ads on the 21-inch How Many Strokes screen. Every golfer in the club sees the screen and allows you to showcase your logo, posters, and videos to a captive audience. By promoting your brand on our screen, you can drive awareness and interest in your products and services and differentiate yourself from the competition. And because the content on the screen can be changed as often as needed, you have the flexibility to refresh your message and keep it relevant to your audience. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to connect with golf players and leave a lasting impression. Contact us today to learn more about how you can become a sponsor with How Many Strokes.

Click here to play video:
Watch the How Many Strokes Sponsor video

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