Conversion Table Board

Errors in the printed conversion table ?

Discover the Importance of Accurate Conversion Tables for Your Golf Course Did you know that one in five golf courses have at least one error in their printed Conversion Table? This startling statistic highlights the need for accurate and up-to-date information when it comes to golf course data. At How Many Strokes, we understand the importance of providing reliable and precise information to our customers. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that our customers have access to the most accurate and reliable Conversion Tables possible. However, we understand that errors can sometimes occur, and we are committed to helping our customers identify and rectify these issues quickly and easily. Every week, we receive calls and emails from customers who have discovered inconsistencies between the How Many Strokes Conversion Table and their old printed Conversion Table or board. These errors can be difficult to track down and may remain unnoticed for extended periods of time, potentially causing confusion and frustration for golfers. To address this issue, the How Many Strokes Management System now offers a control report that enables our customers to check their course data for accuracy. This powerful tool allows golf course managers to quickly and easily identify any discrepancies in their Conversion Table, ensuring that golfers receive accurate and consistent information. At How Many Strokes, we understand that accurate and reliable data is critical for golf courses of all sizes. That's why we are committed to providing our customers with the most comprehensive and up-to-date information possible. Whether you're a small, family-owned course or a large, multi-course resort, you can rely on us to provide the data and tools you need to succeed. Don't let errors in your Conversion Table impact your golfers' experience. Contact us today to learn more about our Management System and how it can help you ensure accuracy and consistency in your course data.
How Many Strokes News Box cover

Introducing the News Box: Instant Communication for Golfers

Introducing the How Many Strokes News Box: Instant Communication for Golfers Want to keep your players informed with timely updates? Look no further than the How Many Strokes News Box, your quick and easy solution for sharing daily information with golfers. Customize the News Box to your liking by selecting the color and size, and position it anywhere on the screen for maximum visibility. With the text editor in the Management system, crafting and designing messages to share with players has never been easier. The possibilities for communication are endless. Share company announcements, updates on course maintenance, reminders about upcoming events, special offers for members, or anything else that comes to mind. The News Box makes it easy to keep everyone in the loop. How Many Strokes News Box Editor With the live preview in the editor, you can see exactly how your News Box will look on the How Many Strokes Terminal without needing to check the physical screen. Once you're satisfied with your message, simply hit "Save" and watch as the Terminal is updated instantly. Say goodbye to outdated communication methods and say hello to the How Many Strokes News Box, your new go-to for instant updates and announcements.  
How Many Strokes Infoboard overview with mobile and Terminal

Turn Your HMS screen into an information board!

Use your screen as a Digital information board and keep your members and guests informed in real-time

In today's fast-paced world, keeping your club members and guests informed about important events, schedules, and real-time updates is essential. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using a digital information board that displays all the necessary information on a screen. Using a digital information board like the How Many Strokes Screen is a great way to reduce the cost and time involved in creating and maintaining physical notice boards. With this system, you can display all the relevant information, such as the tournament calendar, course status, maintenance schedules, pin sheet, and any other important information you would typically print out and display on a physical notice board. One of the best things about the digital information board is that it can integrate with your existing systems, such as your website, social media platforms, or any other platform where you regularly update information. This means you can easily share information with your players and guests with just a click of a button without going through the hassle of updating multiple platforms. The system also offers the option to upload your information directly to the screen, which provides even greater flexibility regarding what you can display. You can customize the information displayed on the screen to suit the specific needs of your club members and guests. This means you can create a more engaging and personalized experience for everyone visiting your club. Another excellent feature of the digital information board is the ability to display small information boxes that provide details about the conditions surrounding the club and courses. These boxes can display important information such as today's course, the Stimpmeter on the greens, the time for sundown, today's pin position, and much more. However, the most impressive feature of this system is the ability for you and your staff to update the course information in real time from the Greenkeeper App. This means that if your staff member is out measuring the speed on the green in the morning, they can update all the information directly in the App, which will immediately be displayed on the How Many Strokes Screen. This real-time update feature ensures that all the information displayed on the screen is always accurate and up to date, which is crucial for providing a positive experience for your club members and guests. The system also helps to improve communication between staff and club members, making it easier to share updates and changes. In summary, a digital information board like the How Many Strokes Screen is an excellent way to inform your club members and guests in real time. It provides a more efficient way to share information, reduces costs, and offers a more personalized and engaging experience for everyone who visits your club. By clicking HERE, you can find more information about the Greenkeeper App, which allows for real-time updates. See the solution live HERE   
Reduced Handicap

Show Reduced Handicap

Handicap allowances are an essential aspect of golf, as they are designed to provide equity for players of all levels of ability in each format of play, whether that be 9 holes or 18 holes. Essentially, a handicap allowance is used to adjust a player's Course Handicap to determine their Playing Handicap. The aim is to level the playing field, so that players of different skill levels can compete on an equal footing. Traditionally, the calculation of a handicap allowance would be done using a separate chart or by manual calculation. This would involve providing a separate piece of paper with the reduced handicap conversion table, or asking the player to calculate it manually. This can be time-consuming and may not always be the most convenient option. However, with the new option in the How Many Strokes Management system, this process has become much more streamlined. The system allows Clubs to set up a separate Course with a reduced handicap for each Tee Box, for both men and women. This makes it much easier to quickly and accurately calculate a player's handicap allowance, and ensures that the process is fair and equitable for all players. In addition, the Course name can be the match format or the percentage of the handicap allowance, which makes it easier to keep track of the different handicaps for different players and formats of play. Overall, this new option in the How Many Strokes Management system greatly simplifies the process of calculating handicap allowances, and helps to ensure that golf is a fair and enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels. The Course name can be the match format or the percentage of the handicap allowance: Reduced handicap table with match forms  
Stimpmeter App

Display the Stimpmeter on the HMS Terminal

The HMS system is equipped with a Stimpmeter feature that enables your staff to efficiently and accurately update the green speed by inputting the measurement into the Course Update App. This feature is incredibly beneficial for both golfers and staff, as it allows golfers to easily check the current green speed and allows staff to quickly and effortlessly publish the green speed after it has been measured. The App is personalized for each Greenkeeper or staff member and maintains a log of the updates made, including the specific information that was changed, the date and time of the update, and the individual who made the update. This feature streamlines the process of updating green speed information and ensures that golfers have access to the most current and accurate information.
How Many Strokes on QR On Pole

Players can get the Conversion Table on their phones

Use a QR code to give your player the mobile version

Have a Digital Conversion table anywhere on the Golf Course or in the Clubhouse. The QR system uses the same Slope and rating as the How Many Strokes Terminal and will show the players Course Handicap on their phone instantly.

The QR code can be displayed on anything: • Stickers • Metal or plastic plates • Stones and rocks • On top of tee markers • Scorecards • Course guides.

You can try to scan this code with your Smartphones’ camera and see how it works. If you are viewing this on your phone, just click this link: Open QR

Weather Terminal

Show the local weather forecast on the HMS Terminal

The How Many Strokes Terminal is a must-have resource for golfers who want to get the most out of their time on the course. With real-time updates and detailed information on Temperature, Wind, Sunset, and more, the Terminal is the ultimate tool for planning your round. Simply stop by the clubhouse and check out our weather forecast today! In addition to providing a local weather forecast for the next five hours, the HMS Terminal also displays the sunset time to help players plan their round accordingly. As a Golf Club, you have the flexibility to display the forecast in various formats, including m/s, mi/h, Celsius, Fahrenheit, and AM/PM, depending on your location. At the Terminal, you have access to all the information you need to make informed decisions and have a successful day on the course.
Replace Mobile embed QR on Terminal

Replace Mobile embed QR on Terminal

The Terminal's QR code can be easily changed to link to the mobile version of the Conversion Table. This allows players to have the table accessible on their phones when meeting their playing partners at the first tee. If players are unsure of which tee to play and decide just before starting the round, they can use the Conversion Table on their phones to make an informed decision. To replace the QR code in the Terminal with the mobile QR code, simply select the option in the How Many Strokes Management System or sent us an e-mail.
Is your Terminal connected to the internet

Is your Terminal connected to the internet?

Your How Many Strokes Terminal will work fine without an internet connection. Everything you need to run the Terminal is saved locally on the device. This includes Course and Tee data, but also screen saver images and videos. If the is no internet it will not be possible to update the Terminal with added information. We recommend that the Terminal is always connected to the internet with WIFI or a Network cable. If you are using Power Over Internet (POE) to power the Terminal, the internet connection is automatically delivered through the cabling (provided that the POE is connected to a router or switch on the other end)
You Can Now Show And Hide Selected Tees And Courses

You can now show and hide selected Tees and Courses

In some situations, it is nice to be able to hide some of the Tee options or even a course. It could be that the course is undergoing maintenance or renovation for a longer period, or if you have season-based tee option, like winter and summer tees. You just click on the "Show/Hide" button next to the tee or course name to show or hide the option.