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Test the internet connection on your Terminal screen

If you see that updates a taking a long time to show on the screen it might be because of a slow internet connection. You can test the WIFI (or cable) speed directly in the Terminal by tapping five times on the WIFI symbol in the top left corner. This will show the debug menu […]

Hide or show specific courses in the Green Speed / Stimpmeter info box

In case you only want to display the green speed for one cause you can now hide the speed for the courses that you don’t want to show. This could be if you have additional courses for handicap allowance (85%, 95% etc.) and only want to show the green speed for the main course. Hide […]

Customize logos, texts, and button on screensaver

All text logos, texts, and button is now an overlay and will allow you to upload new background picture without having to add anything on the picture. You can even add a sponsor logo on the screen if you want to promote your sponsors. In Terminal settings the basic setup are done the first time […]

Switch position on Green buttons and Info boxes

Switch the position of the info boxes and the green info buttons. Enable this to put the green info button on top of the Today’s course update boxes. Depending on the number of boxes and buttons you have it might look better if you flip their position.

Easy preview Terminal screen

To make it easy for you to see you changes when updating in the management system, you can just click on the previews buttons to see what you screen looks like live. The preview can be presented in both Portrait or landscape mode and is available everywhere in the management system. Note that just above […]

Schedule Pin position, today’s course, opening hours and much more in the new calandar

Today’s course update is the info boxes on the screen. Here you can show the daily course information. For example Stimpmeter, Today’s course, Pin Position, Clubhouse hours and much more. The information can be changes in the Management system, the mobile course update App or scheduled in the built-in calendar. Calendar overview: Much of the […]

Help on all menus in the Management System

To improve our user friendly management system we have added help to all pages in the system. If you want to know more about how to do specific things or set-up new functionality just click the “HELP” button at the top of the page. You can see an overview of the help index here. This […]

UV Index and Lightning warning

UV Index and Lightning warning has been added to the weather update. It will help golfers prepare for extreme conditions. The UV Index will warn the players about dangerous UX levels and is a good chance for the shop to sell some extra sun screen. The warning box only shows when there is any danger. […]

Create any type of daily course update

Setup the Today’s Course Update info boxes. All the boxes can now be customized to match almost any information that you want to share with your members and guests. All changes can be updated from the Mobile version or you can use the new Calendar scheduler. Below the settings you can see a list of […]

We see golfers more likely to try another Tee when using a digital conversion table

Many golf players face a dilemma when choosing a tee box for their round. They may wonder if they should play from the back tees to challenge themselves, or from the forward tees to enjoy a shorter and easier course. However, choosing a tee box is not just a matter of preference or ego. It […]

Errors in the printed conversion table ?

Discover the Importance of Accurate Conversion Tables for Your Golf Course Did you know that one in five golf courses have at least one error in their printed Conversion Table? This startling statistic highlights the need for accurate and up-to-date information when it comes to golf course data. At How Many Strokes, we understand the […]

Introducing the News Box: Instant Communication for Golfers

Introducing the How Many Strokes News Box: Instant Communication for Golfers Want to keep your players informed with timely updates? Look no further than the How Many Strokes News Box, your quick and easy solution for sharing daily information with golfers. Customize the News Box to your liking by selecting the color and size, and […]

Get a Data Report on all your Course Settings

In the How Many Strokes Management System you can now get a Data Report on all important your Course Settings. The report is extremely useful if you want to verify you course setting including Tee length, Par, Slope and Rating. It happens more often that you would think that we see errors in the printed […]

Turn Your HMS screen into an information board!

Use your screen as a Digital information board and keep your members and guests informed in real-time In today’s fast-paced world, keeping your club members and guests informed about important events, schedules, and real-time updates is essential. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using a digital information board that displays all […]

Show Reduced Handicap

Handicap allowances are an essential aspect of golf, as they are designed to provide equity for players of all levels of ability in each format of play, whether that be 9 holes or 18 holes. Essentially, a handicap allowance is used to adjust a player’s Course Handicap to determine their Playing Handicap. The aim is […]

Display the Stimpmeter on the HMS Terminal

The HMS system is equipped with a Stimpmeter feature that enables your staff to efficiently and accurately update the green speed by inputting the measurement into the Course Update App. This feature is incredibly beneficial for both golfers and staff, as it allows golfers to easily check the current green speed and allows staff to […]

Players can get the Conversion Table on their phones

Use a QR code to give your player the mobile version Have a Digital Conversion table anywhere on the Golf Course or in the Clubhouse. The QR system uses the same Slope and rating as the How Many Strokes Terminal and will show the players Course Handicap on their phone instantly. The QR code can […]

Show the local weather forecast on the HMS Terminal

The How Many Strokes Terminal is a must-have resource for golfers who want to get the most out of their time on the course. With real-time updates and detailed information on Temperature, Wind, Sunset, and more, the Terminal is the ultimate tool for planning your round. Simply stop by the clubhouse and check out our […]

Give admin users limited access to Portal

In some cases, you would want to limit access to the portal for some users. It could be that you need someone to update screen savers or QR code links, but don’t want them to be able to change the club and course data. In this case, you can now have limited admin users that […]

Replace Mobile embed QR on Terminal

The Terminal’s QR code can be easily changed to link to the mobile version of the Conversion Table. This allows players to have the table accessible on their phones when meeting their playing partners at the first tee. If players are unsure of which tee to play and decide just before starting the round, they […]