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Errors in the printed conversion table ?

Discover the Importance of Accurate Conversion Tables for Your Golf Course Did you know that one in five golf courses have at least one error in their printed Conversion Table? This startling statistic highlights the need for accurate and up-to-date information when it comes to golf course data. At How Many Strokes, we understand the […]

Introducing the News Box: Instant Communication for Golfers

Introducing the How Many Strokes News Box: Instant Communication for Golfers Want to keep your players informed with timely updates? Look no further than the How Many Strokes News Box, your quick and easy solution for sharing daily information with golfers. Customize the News Box to your liking by selecting the color and size, and […]

Get a Data Report on all your Course Settings

In the How Many Strokes Management System you can now get a Data Report on all important your Course Settings. The report is extremely useful if you want to verify you course setting including Tee length, Par, Slope and Rating. It happens more often that you would think that we see errors in the printed […]

Turn Your HMS screen into an information board!

Use your screen as a Digital information board and keep your members and guests informed in real-time In today’s fast-paced world, keeping your club members and guests informed about important events, schedules, and real-time updates is essential. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using a digital information board that displays all […]

Show Reduced Handicap

Handicap allowances are an essential aspect of golf, as they are designed to provide equity for players of all levels of ability in each format of play, whether that be 9 holes or 18 holes. Essentially, a handicap allowance is used to adjust a player’s Course Handicap to determine their Playing Handicap. The aim is […]

Display the Stimpmeter on the HMS Terminal

The HMS system is equipped with a Stimpmeter feature that enables your staff to efficiently and accurately update the green speed by inputting the measurement into the Course Update App. This feature is incredibly beneficial for both golfers and staff, as it allows golfers to easily check the current green speed and allows staff to […]

Players can get the Conversion Table on their phones

Use a QR code to give your player the mobile version Have a Digital Conversion table anywhere on the Golf Course or in the Clubhouse. The QR system uses the same Slope and rating as the How Many Strokes Terminal and will show the players Course Handicap on their phone instantly. The QR code can […]

Show the local weather forecast on the HMS Terminal

The How Many Strokes Terminal is a must-have resource for golfers who want to get the most out of their time on the course. With real-time updates and detailed information on Temperature, Wind, Sunset, and more, the Terminal is the ultimate tool for planning your round. Simply stop by the clubhouse and check out our […]

Give admin users limited access to Portal

In some cases, you would want to limit access to the portal for some users. It could be that you need someone to update screen savers or QR code links, but don’t want them to be able to change the club and course data. In this case, you can now have limited admin users that […]

Replace Mobile embed QR on Terminal

The Terminal’s QR code can be easily changed to link to the mobile version of the Conversion Table. This allows players to have the table accessible on their phones when meeting their playing partners at the first tee. If players are unsure of which tee to play and decide just before starting the round, they […]

Guides and Help are now available in the Portal

To get easy and quick access to help and guides when inside the Portal, we have added “Guides and help” as a menu item. You can access the guides directly HERE.

Design Guide for creating screen saver images for your Golf Club

The design guide for How Many Strokes Screen saver is made to ensure that your screen saver always looks good and is in the correct format. The Terminal will always scale the screen saver to fit the screen.  If your picture is square or in landscape mode, the result will be a distortion of the […]

Is your Terminal connected to the internet?

Your How Many Strokes Terminal will work fine without an internet connection. Everything you need to run the Terminal is saved locally on the device. This includes Course and Tee data, but also screen saver images and videos. If the is no internet it will not be possible to update the Terminal with added information. […]

You can now show and hide selected Tees and Courses

In some situations, it is nice to be able to hide some of the Tee options or even a course. It could be that the course is undergoing maintenance or renovation for a longer period, or if you have season-based tee option, like winter and summer tees. You just click on the “Show/Hide” button next […]

Sort your Golf Courses on the Terminal

Did you know that you can sort your Golf Courses on the Terminal to show the courses in a specific order? In some cases, you would want to have your 9-hole, Intermediate, and Par-3 courses shown as the last courses. Many of our customers have multiple 9-hole courses that are combined into several 18-hole courses […]

Customize button layout on Terminal

Many Golf Clubs have three or more courses. Often it is a combination of several 9-hole courses that can be combined. This, together with long course names can be difficult to fit into the default Terminal setup. You can now customize the button layout and get the exact layout that looks good with your number […]

Operating the Terminal in a hot environment

We all enjoy the sun and the heat to some extent and most golf is played in the summer. The Terminal can handle a lot of heat, but in some cases, it can be too much. There is no danger to the Terminal. It has a built-in thermal sensor that will detect if it is […]

Why it is a clever idea to lock the Terminal before use

We recommend that you lock the Terminal after the installation is done. You will find the steps in the installation manual on how to Hide the navigation bar. It might not seem that important, but in some cases, we have seen some creative use go into settings and changed how the Terminal is operating. This […]

Power the Terminal with a long cable

In some cases, for decorative or practical reasons, there is no room for the power supply near the Terminal. Most Golf Clubs would like to have the power supply hidden away – it is obviously not the most beautiful thing in the world. If this is not possible or if there is too far from […]

Preview your Terminal in your browser on PC or Mac

When setting up the Terminal for the first time or if you are making changes or adjustments to the course data or the design, it is quite easy to test the result directly on your PC or Mac. Inside the Portal under “Clubhouse Terminal”, you can preview what is shown on the Terminal without having […]